Fresco mural painting


My speciality is the fresco mural painting in big architectural spaces. I have devoted myself to recover the historical tradition of the fresco to check her in an artistic contemporary context.

The relation of the wall painting with the spectator, the presence of the painting in the living spaces of our culture (universities, libraries, hospitals, churches, enterprises, etc) and the relation between pictorial space and architectural space are the bases of my work.

Josep Minguell


At the beginning of 2004, the idea of doing al fresco murals in the parish church of Santa Maria de l’Alba in Tàrrega began to ripen. I wanted to make a new artistic contribution to this baroque building where my father, Jaume Minguell i Miret, had also painted frescos.

Its balanced proportions, the grandiosity of its walls, turn it into an architectural space with a wide range of possibilities for artistic action.

With the cycles of frescos in Santa Maria de l’Alba, I want to create a large-scale project that fills the walls and arches of the transept, and the arches of the central nave, playing with the tradition of this millenarian technique, updated to a contemporary context, to integrate it into baroque architecture.