TECHNIQUE: Fresco mural painting
YEAR: 2011
BUILDING: Santa Maria de l’Alba Parish Church
TOWN/REGION: Tàrrega (Catalonia)

This fourth phase culminates the collection and affects the two last vaults in the central nave of the church. The surface of these two vaults is 200 square meters with a maximum height of 18 meters. The painted themes are the following: the third vault is dedicated to the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: the tent which is planted among Mambré’s holm oaks, with Abraham and Sarah, who welcomes the travellers.

The vault is culminated by the starry sky, that stands for Abraham’s offspring.  On the other descent, we can see the figures of Isaac, carrying wood for the sacrifice, and Rebecca by the well and Jacob during the stairs dream about the angels, that go up and down, thus communicating heaven and earth. Next to him we can see Rachel and Lia.

The fourth vault shows the passage through the Red Sea, which is the way to freedom and a theme related to resurrection. On the other side, we can see Jesse’s tree, which stands for David’s dynasty, with the last shoot that will flourish, thus evoking the figure of the Messiah. The vault is culminated by the sunlight of Zacariah’s canticle.

Full project: Santa Maria de l'Alba