TECHNIQUE: Fresco mural painting on the wall
YEAR: 2007
BUILDING: Santa Maria de l’Alba Parish Church
TOWN/REGION: Tàrrega (Catalonia)

The paintings occupe wall and arches on the right side of the cruiser to the left of the Altar.
The set Nativitas follows a compositional symmetry in relation to Resurrectio. In the first study the artist stands at the ends of the arc that covers the central scene, a few references to the prophet Isaiah with the embers that purify their lips and St. John the Baptist, which cries out in the desert. In the central part of the arch, the star and the angel announcer. The front wall has as a backdrop a large winter landscape of Urgell mounded, roads, trees and animals, all threatened by the intervention of man.

He places the birth places in a stay integrated into the landscape, with the figures that appear in the iconographic tradition, but fleeing the representation of worship to seek a more intimate scene: the mother of the child, wrapped in a white cloth, is a symmetrical to the shroud of Resurrection. The father, dejected, holds a stcik in flower as an allusion to the Jese tree. In the background of the scene find the ox and mule. As representation of the Epiphany, the manifestation of God, a reference to the magicians of East and the offerings of gold (royalty), incense (divinity), and myrrh (death as redemption).

Full project: Santa Maria de l'Alba