TECHNIQUE: Fresco mural painting on the wall
YEAR: 2006
BUILDING: Retirement home Regina Elena
CITY/COUNTRY: Carrara (Italy)
DIMENSIONS: Ø 3.5m (9.6 m2)

The work is a great circular fresco mural painting of three meters and a half of diameter risen up to six meters of altitude, that presides the front wall of the residence Regina Elena, a public building belonging to the Comune di Carrara and that belongs to the environment of the new Museo della Scultura, located in the ancient convent of San Francisco and the adjacent square of the same name. An opened door gives out for a way that crosses symbolically the landscape of the marble with the contemporary outline that characterizes the work of the artist.

Minguell realized this work in May, 2006 as teacher invited by the director of the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti, mister Marco Baudinelli and for the teacher of pictorial technique, Andrea Podenzana, to give a theoretical practical course of specialization on fresco painting to the pupils of last year of the career of fine arts. The mural was inaugurated in the frame of the celebration of the Biennal Internacional XII of Sculpture of the Italian city, throughout the world known by its marble, and was presided by the local authorities of the region and for representatives of  Accademia di Belle Arti.