TECHNIQUE: Fresco mural painting on the wall
YEAR: 2005

BUILDING: Parish Church of Santa Maria de l'Alba
CITY: Tàrrega (Lleida)

Interpretation of the topic of the Resurrection across the contemporary criteria that caracterize his work, at the time that they suppose a new artistic contribution to the splendid baroque classical architecture of the temple, work of the Carmelite Fra Josep de la Concepció (17th. century).The murals occupe the left wall of the cruise and the arch, 180 m2 both a total height of 20,7 meters fos9,5 meters of width.

In the wall, we contemplate a scene that corresponds to the moment of the tart of the empty sepulchre. The light that emerges comes out towards a spring landscape, moment of the renaissance of the nature. The great slab of the sepulchre knocked down in the soil and the shroud are the signs of the Resurrection. We can see also the police officers of the entry of the sepulchre, as disconcerted spectators, and also the pitchers of the unguents,which symbolize the womwn who went to the sepulchre to anoint late Jesus, and that werw discoverers of his absence. At the foot of the wall, an olive tree alludes to the garden of Gethsemane, Biblical stage where Jesus was caught.

The wall completes his top arch interpreting two biblical figures associated with the death and Resurrection: Jonas and the marine monster and the horses of fire of Elias.