Odysseus tied to the mast of the ship, resists the temptation of the mermaids (50/220 cm). Penelope is weaving while waiting for the return of Odysseus (150/330 cm). Odysseus on the ship advances in the middle of the adverse ocean (150/110 cm).
Collaboration between the Simo-Serra Research Laboratory of the Engineering & Computer Sciences Department at the University of Waseda (Tokyo, Japan) and the Artist Josep Minguell (Tàrrega-Barcelona, Catalonia)
The project is the results of the collaboration with Prof. Simo-Serra’s laboratory which is dedicated to Machine learning (scientific discipline in the field of artificial intelligence that creates learning systems) which conducts Applications research in the Engineering and IT Science department at Waseda University (tokio, Japan). In this case, the ancient practise of mural painting shares the space with most advanced current technologies.
The Odyssey is carried out by the hero Odisseu. The long journey back home reflects the persistent fight against adversities and the use of cunning thinking and reasoning as a way to overcome them.